About Us

Payne Magnetics follows a simple philosophy; from initial customer contact to the delivery of finished product, full customer involvement is crucial to their success. Payne’s team of engineers and sales technicians work one on one with their customers to analyze and determine the specific requirements of design, the most efficient and economical way to produce product and then, working with their vendors, schedule materials matched to the customers need date. An overall Quality Management System monitors the progress of each order as it travels through the manufacturing process to ensure full compliance to the completed drawing. For more then half a century, Payne Magnetics has followed this proven philosophy while supporting their customers with superior quality products.

Aviation / Aerospace

From the technically sophisticated flight management display (HUD) and the seemingly simple aspect of cockpit and cabin lighting, to the recording and storage of precious flight data information, Payne Magnetics is involved in nearly every aspect of Aerospace and Aviation. Their products help pilots determine their altitude and current location, track where they are going and determine when they will arrive. By supporting current aerospace programs through their many customers and staying ahead of their competition in this ever changing market, Payne Magnetics is helping to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable future for the aerospace industry.


Since 1956, manufacturing custom transformers has been the livelihood of Payne Magnetics. They have built them to every size and shape imaginable. They are used to convert, redirect, change, step up or step down as directed, or simply to assist in supplying power to nearly every piece of electronic equipment used in the aerospace industry. Payne Magnetics is proud to have been able to serve their customers with such a wide array of custom built quality transformers for many years. With this wide reaching support, Payne Magnetics has allowed their customers to excel beyond the expectations of their end customers as well.

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